Ski hat

Knitted hat in two colors
For a ski hat I like strong colors. You’ve seen my first ski hat: blue and white. My inspiration comes when I see the yarn. In my head models come alive, patterns flow in my mind and before paying for the yarn I already know what I will knit.
The ski hat has a simple design with classical patterns. This hat is ideal for sledding in the mountains, ice skating, skiing or snowboarding. For those less adventures you can wear it when you go for a walk or a window shopping.
This is another easy pattern for someone who never knitted a hat before.  Because I made it before knowing I will be writing about my projects I lost the model of the yarn and the knitting needles I used, so take it as an experiment. Hat is 21 cm over 55cm. You can make your hat longer than 21 cm adding more rows before the decrease. To make your hat wider just cast more stitches.  
K2P2 = knit2purl2
Kt2tog = knit two together (we decrease)
2 yarns: lilac and pink
Circular Knitting needles 8-9mm
Tapestry needle or thick normal needle if you don’t have one
This is a pattern that I did myself when I was knitting the hat. No chart in front of me just a way to learn decreasing and knitting. Now, I am reading the pattern from the hat, so if will not go great for your hat imagine mine is not perfect.
Cat 60 stitches.  For the first 7 rows work k2p2 and use lilac color.
Row 8: k with pink
Row 9: k with pink
Row 10: k with pink
Row 11: k with lilac
Row 12: k with lilac
Row 13: k with lilac
Row 14: k with pink
Row 15: k with pink
Row 16: k with pink
Row 17: k with pink
From here I will start decreasing. If you want it longer you can add more rows here.
Row 18: k2tog, k5,k2tog,k5,k2tog,k5…till the end of the row with pink
I choose to decrease at the begging of the row and then after 5 stitches. There is no right place or wrong place to do the decreasing. Follow the hat and see how it fits on your head. Being a bulk yarn and a bulk hat I think that the best way to knit the hat the way you like it is to test it as often you can when you do the decreasing.
Row 19: k2tog,k5,k2tog,k5,…till the end of the row with pink
Row 20: k2tog,k5,k2tog,k5,…till the end of the row with pink
Row 21: k with lilac
If you look at your hat you will see a model around the stitches you knit together. This is another way to decrease without counting the stitches. Follow the decrease line if it is easy that way. Sometimes I do it myself with the hats.
Row 22: k2tog,k6,k2tog,k6….till the end of the row with pink
Row 23: k2tog,k6,k2tog,k6….till the end of the row with pink
I will end the hat with lilac color because I want to make the pom-pom pink for a better effect.
With lilac:
Row 24: k2tog,k4,k2tog,k4…till the end of the row
Row 25: k2tog,k…..k2tog
Row 26: k2tog,k,k..k2tog
Row 27: k2tog,k2,k2tog,k2,k2tog…till the end of the row
Row 28: k2tog,k till the end of the row
Row 29: close the hat
With the thick needle and the yarn sew the hat and then add the pom-pom.
Have fun! Happy knitting!

You are welcome to make and use this pattern as you wish, but please do not sell the pattern nor claim the pattern as your own.
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