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Blanket sweater in stripes

This is my first big crochet project. It took me a while, but I can tell you I know this pattern now.
I love learning watching video tutorials. I don’t need words just a movie with all the moves.
Here is a youtube video with Moss stitch. This girl is doing a great job explaining this stitch.
Before seeing this video I thought that this stitch is very difficult, but now I can say is very easy.
I saw this pattern at Mama in a stitch and I fell in love with it. I bookmark it a year ago and I told myself I am gone do it someday. That day arrived. After watching the youtube video I knew I can do this blanket sweater.
Her website is an inspiration. Her sweater inspired me. I liked the moss stitch for this project and also how simple the sweater was. Imagine doing a rectangle and then joining some corners.
Looks more complicated that it is.
Because I had a few Catania skeins in different colors I choose to make it with it and order some more to be able to finish it.

-Size 4 US …

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