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Crocheted necklace with Arcade stitch

As I told you so many times I am a beginner when it comes to crochet. I can crochet single stitches, a simple chain and an I-cord. Somebody told me to try to make a necklace with macramé but I can’t do it so I said to try something else. So I found the Arcade stitch witch for me was complicated at first but after seeing this video everything was clear.
Thank you “Nidhi's CrochetART”. For a beginner like me it was a great tool to learn a new stitch.
-50 g yarn mustard color-Crochet 2.1 mm-Scissors

You can see in the video clear instructions how to make the stitch. She explains very well. Because I wanted to make a necklace I reinforced the main chain. After I finished the second and third row I worked on the first row another row with only single crochet.
My necklace is 60 cm long and I will put a button in the back.
I hope you like my new project. Is not perfect but I learned how to make double crochet and a new pattern. I found on internet that you can m…

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