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Purple 3D wall weaving

  I start doing weaving a few years back and I fell in love with it. It makes me feel so creative and happy. I go to second hands stores and find different types of yarn and try to be very creative. I also use pieces of materials to give volume and a 3D effect. This is what I tried to do here. Materials: Loom Yarn – different types Different crocheted I-cords A purple scarf Scissors Needles With purple yarn I made vertical strings on my loom – also known as warp. Then I start making tassels along the bottom. To create tassels along the bottom, cut the length of your chosen yarn about 80 cm. Fold your yarn in half twice. You will be creating one tassel per peg. Thread the folded center over the first strand of warp and under the second then back up again. Take the ends on the left side up and over the second strand of your warp and under the loop you’ve just created, feeding them through. This will be the start of your first knot. Keep pulling through towards t

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