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Rustic Easter Egg decoration

Making handmade objects is the most relaxing thing for me. Ideas flowing in my head, yarn, wood, etc. are just a relaxing day for me. Even Easter this year is a long way I started making some because my husband told me that we lack Easter decorations for our cabin. We bought last year a few but I wasn’t impress with the shops. My little one got last year a 20 cm plastic Christmas egg filled with candies. I didn’t want to throw away the plastic so I thought to use it as an Easter decoration for this year.
-                   -          Plastic egg -Hemp rope -A flower made with materials and a button - A flower made out of red cloth -Glue -A green bow
Glue hemp rope around the egg. Start from the bottom and finish at the top. On top of the egg glue the red flower.  Around the middle of the egg glue the green bow and the flower with the button. And here is a simple and cheap Easter egg decoration. It looks rustic and will go great on top of the fireplace. Next is an Easter w…

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