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Crocheted bag

Here’s a unique little crochet circle purse design for you guys. I made it from an old pullover that I had because I love the colors.I changed the colors as I crocheted the bag so I have an unique bag. It is very easy to make because I am a beginner so I just crochet simple patterns. Materials Yarn in different colors                  Crochet hook size for your yarn Stitch markers Sewing needle Scissors
Stitches used &code ch = chainst= stitch(es)sc = single crochetcsc = center single crochet *crochet into between the lags of the single crochet stitch in the previous rowrep = repeatsp = spaceDirections: Make a magic ring, 6 sc into ring sp. Total of 6 st2 csc into each st around. Total of 12 st*2 csc, 1 csc*, rep from * to * till the end. Total of 18 st1 csc in to each of next 2 st, 2 csc*, rep from * to * till the end. Total of 24 st2 csc, 1 csc into each of next 3 st*, rep from * to * till the end Total of 30 st1 csc into each of next 2 st, *2 csc, 1…

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