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Geometrical model on a wall decoration

When you start learning to weave there are a few small things to learn and practice. Triangles are one of the first things I tried. They are not perfect and they will never be. It is a long process but a beautiful one.  With every new thing I learn I get more attached and in love with weaving. There are also so many, many beautiful things to learn and I can’t wait.
This is my first attempt to do triangles on a homemade loom. I choose the color to match a furniture model in a bedroom. I think it is important that your wall d├ęcor to be part of the room story.
This weaving is 40 cm X 45 cm. The stick is 100 cm long.  
Materials: -Homemade loom-Hemp rope for warp-Plastic needle-Yellow yarn-Light Grey yarn-Grey-Blue yarn-Stick or branch for hanging

Start warping the loom with a slip knot on the first screw. Pull your warp thread across your loom to the corresponding warp screw and bring your warp thread over the screw then down around the back. Pull your warp thread across your loom…

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