Knitted Christmas tree

Knitted Christmas tree decoration

We are counting the days till Christmas. Snow is already here and you can hear Christmas music everywhere. Almost all the houses are decorated and kids still making their own decorations for the tree or house. We are doing the same.

Last year I tried for the first time a knitted tree to decorate the Christmas tree. I made them green and I made only 3 of them. I wanted to make more this year and other colors but time wasn’t by my side. 

So, here is the one from last year.

With the Christmas cookies next to them, they looked amazing in the tree or on the table. I add silver to look festive. They are easy to make and a nice way to learn to knit.

Use any kind of yarn you have and needles to go with yarn. Leftovers are so welcome to this project.  

K = knit
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
CO= cast on

All the tree will be knit in garter stitch. For the shape of the Christmas tree knit together two last stitches of every row.

Cast 21 stitches.
Knit 21 stitches for row 1.
Row 2: K19, k2tog
Row 3: K18, k2tog
Row 4: K17, k2tog
Row 5: K16, k2tog
Row 6: K15, k2tog
Row 7: K14, k2tog
Row 8: K13, k2tog
Row 9: K12, k2tog
Row 10: K11, k2tog
Row 11: K10, k2tog
Row 12: K9, k2tog
Row 13: K8, k2tog, CO 5
Row 14: K1 (selvedge st), P4, K7, k2tog, CO5
Row 15: K16 (incl. selvedge st), k2tog
Row 16: K15, k2tog
Row 17: K14, k2tog
Row 18: K13, k2tog
Row 19: K12, k2tog
Row 20: K11, k2tog
Row 21: K10, k2tog
Row 22: K9, k2tog
Row 23: K8, k2tog
Row 24: K7, k2tog
Row 25: K6, k2tog, CO3.
Row 26: K1 (selvedge st), P2, K5, k2tog, CO3
Row 27: K10 (incl. selvedge st), k2tog
Row 28: K9, k2tog
Row 29: K8, k2tog
Row 30: K7, k2tog
Row 31: K6, k2tog
Row 32: K5, k2tog
Row 33, K4, k2tog
Row 34: K3, k2tog
Row 35: K2, k2tog
Row 36: K1, k2tog
Row 37: K2tog

Weave in the ends and lightly block.
Add some silver chain and you will have a festive tree decoration.  

You are welcome to make and use this pattern as you wish, but please do not sell the pattern nor claim the pattern as your own.
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