Knitted and crocheted necklace

Knitted and crocheted necklace

February is the month of love and March is the month of women. With all this in my mind, all I can think about is jewels. Any kind of jewelry, especially handmade. Learning to crochet or knitted takes time, so the only way to learn is to crochet or knit as much as you can. I crocheted and knitted this necklace, just to learn how to do it.

There were I-cord knitting and I-cord crocheting and also some small rings that I did using the crochet.

I love these colors: grey, red and black. I use them also for a poncho.


The grey cord is knitted like that:
Cast 4 stitches.
1. Knit
2. Purl
3. Knit
4. Purl
………    Repeat till you have the cord as long as you want.

The red cord is a single crochet cord and here are the steps:

1.       Make a slip knot on the hook.

2.       Bring your yarn over the hook from back to front and grab it with the hook.

3.       Draw the hooked yarn through the slip knot onto the hook. This is a one chain stitch.

4.       Repeat 1 to 3 till your chain is as long as you want it. From step 5 we are working the second row.
5.       Skip the first chain stitch.

6.       Insert the hook into the next chain stitch. Draw the yarn through the chain stitch and up onto the hook. We have now 2 loops on hook.

7.       Bring the yarn over the hook from back to front and draw it through the both loops on the hook. On the hook remains one loop. This is on single crochet stitch.

8.       Repeat 6 and 7 for the rest of the chains including the last one. This is one row of single crochet.

Cut the yarn from the skein and then draw the hook straight up, bringing the yarn through remaining loop on the hook.

The small rings are very easy to make. I made them in black and grey so I could have a contrast with the red. Here are the steps for the rings.

1.       Wrap the yarn once around two fingers and make sure it crosses over.

2.       Seeing the top of your fingers, grab with the hook the other loop. Bring up a loop. Slide your fingers out of the ring.
3.       Chain 1

4.       Insert the hook into the center of the ring where both the ring and yarn tail are incorporated and bring up a loop.

5.       Start making chains around the ring (be careful that the yarn tail is incorporated into the ring) until you have as many single crochets as you need.

6.       Gently pull the yarn tail to close the ring.

7.       Insert the hook into the next stitch and slip stitch to close round.

8.       Cut the yarn from the skein and then draw the hook straight up, bringing the yarn through remaining loop on the hook.
Make 11 rings: 5 with black and 6 with grey.

We start putting the necklace all together. First with put all the rings on the red cord starting with a grey and a black and so on till we finish with a grey. Sew the red cord and hide the sewed part under the rings. The tail yarn left from the rings we put it through a bead and then make a knot. With the scissors cut all the yarn at the same length.

Each side of the grey cord will be close and the red cord will pass through the ends of the grey cord. Make a grey necklace long enough.

In the end, you will have a beautiful knitted and crocheted necklace.

You can use any yarn you like for the pattern.
This pattern is for personal use only. You can’t make it public or sell it on as your own. Anything you make with this pattern, you can sell on.

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