Knitted dishcloths

Different knitted dishcloths and food photography

Beauty meats utility in these beautiful dishcloths. I made them from left over yarn and the stitches are so simple. Some of them are squares, some are rectangles. They all work great when I take rustic photos of food for my blog.

The same cloths you can use them for kitchen or bath. Knitting a dishcloth is a great way to determine gauge before beginning a new project. For beginners is another way to learn a new stitch (maybe a scarf is too long).

Dishcloths make a great homemade gift for your friends. In just a few hours you can make something special, simple and unique. You can make as many as you want, since everyone needs extra around the house.

My dishcloths are very simple to knit. You cast 30 – 40 stitches and then knit all the rows.

Have fun knitting!

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