Guest house: Chalet Voronet

Guest house: Chalet Voronet

This is our guest house: ChaletVoronet. We put our souls and hearts in it. We wanted to make a place where you can feel like home, or like a gust said “better than home”.

Our friends and family helped us and are still helping us. So thank you all. Why I choose to talk about our guest house is simple. We build this guest house with people from our area so we keep the money in our city. That is the best way to help others build their businesses. The furniture is made in our city.

We trusted the person to do that. It was his first time for him, but now he has lots of requests, which is great. The furniture goes great with the tiles in the bathrooms. Each room has a different model.

I found on the internet some yarn to match a little the color of the tiles and I made the Knitted pillow and the Chunky blanket. We wanted to have a story and I did also some decorations for the rooms: A rustic decoration with a tree branch and photos  and a round frame with hanged photos.

Even for the Wagon wheel chandelier I made a knitted band to look better. The kitchen and living room chandeliers are also made by the same person that did our furniture.

It is easy when you and your husband have the same big picture and the same story. It is also easy when the people you work with understand you so very well.

To build a guest house this big takes time, money and a lot of nerves. We knew from the beginning what we wanted. I can’t imagine starting a project and not knowing what you want.

We wanted to respect our guest and give them a luxury vacation. It is expensive but we used only the best. We want also respect from our guest too.|

We are still working on our project. In the near future, we want to build a beautiful big fireplace by the river and a sauna.  In time, we gone add more beautiful things. Being there should be an amazing and relaxing experience. It should bring you closer to nature.

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