Autumn inspiration

If you search the internet you will find lots of websites and blogs about knitting and crocheting, about things to do it yourself. It is a great way to learn if you don’t know anybody to help you. Live videos or photos instructions are just so close to you at any time and in any language.

I have my inspirations site that I love to watch. Just subscribe to anyone you like and your life will get easier.

I know to crochet some patterns, others I like to try it first to see if I can do it without the help. If I can’t, I look for help. I always ask for help. Even in real life. I don’t want to lose precious time when I can ask indications.

I will add a few links that I really like and you can feel free to add more in comments if you have. There are not in any order, just the way I find them in my computer at my favorites.

                   Felted button – Susan has a wonderful blog with lots of patterns. Check it out. You will be so impressed.
-          Lilla bjorn crochet – Tatsiana is a dream come true. Her website is so fresh and amazing and I am checking her almost every day. Lots of patterns to choose from for beginners or experts.
-          We are knitters – Lots of projects to try that I put on my “to do list”. This list is getting to long.
-          Hands occupied – Heidi is an inspiration to all of us. Check out her website. You will be amazed.
-          Emmy and lien – Eline says it all on her website: Emmy + LIEN is where my heart gets mopped up and poured back in again, in the hope of achieving clarity, providing inspiration, and telling stories. 
-          Craftsy – I think everyone knows this website.
-          Lavender and rose blog – This is a wonderful blog. Jen from London has lots of beautiful projects for you and your family.
-          Mama in a stitch – As soon as I found Jessica I fell in love with her website. I love the name and her projects too. Some of this projects, I have them on my “to do list”. Check it out!
-          Ravelry – was a revelation for me. Lots of patterns to try to and lots of wonderful blogs. I made an account and I put my projects too. Here is: Ravelry - Gabby - Loving to purl

Now comes the most important part of this post.

Use any pattern as you wish but please give credit to the designer. As you know takes lots of time to write it. If you don’t remember just write a thank you note and maybe that person will see it and send you a link and a name to credit. Don’t use other person photos. It is not correct. Make your own photos. If you don’t have ask for photos or videos from the owner.
Don’t claim a pattern if it is not yours. Link back to the page if you write about a pattern. If there is a message about the pattern read it. If you are allowed to use it, use it, if not, don’t.

I welcome all comments and questions as long as they are spoken with kindness, and I will always try to extend the same respect to you with my replies. If I feel your comment is inappropriate I will delete it.


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