Crochet bag

Crochet bag in 3 colors

This is my first big crochet project. I had some leftover yarn that I wanted to use on a project. Being tired of knitting blankets I tried a bag. A crochet one.

I start watching a crochet movie about a bag but I lost my patience and didn't finish it. That was a mistake. I thought that I could do it without the movie. I didn't do it correctly.

But let me start from the beginning.
My bag was supposed to be a square one, or a rectangle one.
Everything is simple. Like the first thing you learn about crocheting.
Start with 10 stitch chain and then crochet every row.

After 10 rows I began to do the bag all around.

Somewhere there I start adding to many stitches and everything start looking bad. As you can see from the photos my bag was to wide and bulky.

Because I made it for me just to practice and use my leftover yarn, I did not start again from the beginning. I just continued the bag and loose some stitches along the way.

That means I jumped one stitch in the row.
I learned a lot from this project. I learned that if you want to get something right you need to follow the pattern. Especially when you don't know anything about crocheting.
I learned that you need to make mistakes before learning to do ok.
And, sometimes, you like what you did even if is not perfect.

There is no pattern for this bag because when I saw that it is not perfect I stopped writing down everything I was doing. So guess the pattern and have fun like me.
I also started with one color and then I added more, just to get rid of all the leftovers.

In the end, I liked what I did and I learned that I need to have patience to see a crocheting movie till the end.
So enjoy crocheting or knitting or anything you like and makes you happy.


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