Knitted scarf

Knitted scarf

I discovered this pattern a long time ago watching YouTube video. Searching on Ravelry I discovered that Mary Walker Phillips is the person who created this beautiful pattern. She wrote a book in 1970' where she gives examples on how to play with this beautiful stitch.
My scarf is the simple stitch but you can do amazing patterns with this yarn over stitch. Have fun!

I was buying yarn a few weeks ago in my small town when I discovered a really nice lady who was showing the same pattern to another lady. I asked her if I could watch her because I was so sure it was the pattern I was thinking. And it was. And we start talking about yarn and needles and patterns and videos on YouTube and we liked each other on the spot. I told her that she made my day because I was so happy to find a really good yarn store in my small city and because she was so happy to help me.

She was knitting a scarf like this in the shop so she showed me exactly the steps. I bought yarn and needles and I said to myself that this is my project to do as soon as possible.

You can wear it as you see it in the first photo. I made mine as a cowl. 

100g Yarn: 10% wool, 10% mohair and 80% acrylic
Knitting needle: size 6

This pattern is not very difficult especially after you see a video. I am still working on the technicality of doing knitting videos so I will try to explain it with photos and words.

She told me what yarn she was using and what needles. This project is after her indication.

Cast 60 stitches.

Steps for scarf pattern

This 4 steps you will repeat them till you finish your yarn:
-          Knit 1 row
-          Knit 1 row
-          K, yon2,k,yon2…..k
-          K, dyon2,k,dyon2,….k

After each 4 steps arrange the scarf to see better this beautiful pattern.

I used some abbreviation so it is easy to write.

Yon2 means yarn over the needle 2 times. See no. 1 in the photo.

K means knit and is no. 2 in the photo.

Dyon2 means drop the 2 yarn over off the needle and is no. 3 and 4 in the photo.

A yarn over is a way to create a deliberate hole in the fabric. Using 2 yarn over the hole will be bigger.

You can use yarn over as decorative stitches, as increases or in lace patterns. Use this pattern for scarfs, cardigans or even skirts or hats. Sky is the limit.

Enjoy knitting! Have fun practicing this pattern! 

You are welcome to make and use this pattern as you wish, but please do not sell the pattern nor claim the pattern as your own.
You are welcome to sell any item made using this pattern, but please credit the designer.

You may not reproduce the photos, pattern or tutorial, either partially or in full, contained in this post without obtaining written permission from me first. 
If you would like to produce your own photo tutorial, video tutorial or translation of this pattern, please get in touch with me to obtain permission first. 
Thank you!

I welcome all comments and questions as long as they are spoken with kindness, and I will always try to extend the same respect to you with my replies. If I feel your comment is inappropriate I will delete it.


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