Christmas decoration

Pine cone Christmas decorations

Christmas is just around the corner, so we need to start making Christmas decorations. I like to have unique decorations, so, I am doing as many as I can. This beautiful pine cone decoration goes great with this Christmas wreath, because are made with the same pine cones from our yard.

In the Christmas wreath post you will find how to prepare your pine cones for decorations.

Those pine cones decorations can be done with your kids because they are easy and don’t involve sharp scissors or glue, so even the little ones can participate.

You can spend quality time with your family making Christmas decorations. I am doing this since my baby boy was born and I love it.


  •            2 types of ribbon
  •            Pine cones
  •       Twine for hanging


My ribbons have different sizes. The green ribbon is 15 cm long and the red one with snowflakes is 30 cm long.  With the red ribbon I make a bow for each pine cone.

I tied the red bow with the green ribbon and then I tied the green ribbon on the pine cone.

If you gone hang them, tie a twine from the pine cone.

You can hang them from the ceiling, in a Christmas tree, by the window or making a Christmas wreath. Sky is the limit.

You can use also any type of ribbons and any sizes.

Enjoy making Christmas decorations!

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