Happy New Year!

Rum, coke and lemon for New Year's Eve party

2017, 2018… we all start a year resolution or something like that.  We add all the good things and the bad things during the year and hope for a greater one. I don’t have a resolution, English is my second language so I am still learning the correct terms, but all I know is that this year I learned a lot about wines. In 2012, I was in France, the land of the wines, taking photos, visiting vineyards and champagne lands and I didn’t know how to make a difference between the wines. I am still no expert, but, I got to appreciate good wine, which is a huge step for me.   My husband’s uncle is an expert in wines. In 2012, we visit him and he showed us some great wines and we drank a lot a of great wines, but for me was still an unknown domain. Today, 31 December, I can tell one thing, I know a good wine from a bad wine, which for me is a stepping stone.

So, this New Year, I wish you discover something you like, something that makes you happy, something important for you, something, anything….

Being happy is the most important thing in your life. We all different, so what makes me happy is not necessary what makes you happy.

So, be happy!

Find love, find money, and find gold, fine happiness!

Happy New Year!

I will see you with new smiles, new recipes…. or just old us but happier!  


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