Pine cone Christmas wreath

Rustic pine cone Christmas wreath

In our courtyard we have a huge pine tree with such interesting pine cones. I always wanted to make a wreath with those pine cones. It took me a while to make something special, but in the end, I am very proud of my project.


-          Round piece of cardboard for the base
-          Pine cones (30-40)
-          Roses made out of old curtains
-          A Christmas ribbon for the bow
-          A red ribbon for the middle of the bow
-          Glue
-          A piece of twine for hanging


I baked the pine cones in the microwave for 2 minutes to kill all the bugs and then I let them cool down.

You can wash them or just use them as they are. I only killed the bugs and then I used them like that.

I glued the pine cones on the cardboard leaving a third of the cones outside the board. Inside I glued the white roses made from an old curtain. I let them to dry and start doing the bow.

I made a simple bow so the eye is on the pine cones not on a huge bow. I still want to show them more than the bow.  If you can’t do a bow, go on internet and you can find tutorials.

I glued the bow and then in the middle I added the red ribbon. The red ribbon will be in the back to give just a hint of the color. I wanted to keep my wreath as rustic as possible.

I add the twine so I could hand the wreath and I was done. I put it on the fireplace from our guest house: Chalet Voronet and goes great with the surroundings.

The wreath should be hung inside or in a sheltered area, away from the rain or snow, so it will not be damaged.

Enjoy crafting a wreath!

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