Driftwood weaving with yarn and crocheted cord

Driftwood weaving with yarn and crocheted cord

This driftwood used for this weaving has a story. I found them when I was with my mom and my son in the forest. We went for a walk in the forest in the spring. Every time I go in the forest we have nature lessons. I am showing my little one all the plants and insects we find in the forest. We have 5 ant hills around our house that we care about.

Anyway, in this walk I sat on my right knee to take a photo and I felt a strong ache in the knee and I couldn’t walk anymore. We started to come out of the forest trying to find a strong wood to use it but no luck.

We cross a small crick and there I saw this driftwood. I knew on the spot what to do with it. It was my support till I got home and now it is in our guest house on a wall as a beautiful unique weaving art.

Dimension: 110 cm X 80 cm


-          Driftwood
-          Yarn
-          Hemp rope
-          Glue
-          Crocheted cord
-          Yarn needle


I always clean the driftwood. I wash it and let it dry before using it. Also, I am checking that is strong, otherwise it will break when I start weaving.

I don’t really have a model in mind. I just improvise while I am working.

First step is to create a loom by tying across the width of the “V” that the branch creates. Here we have 2 “V” so I made 2 looms with hemp rope. I secured it with knots made sure the string was tight and then glued it in the back.

I did an over and under wave throughout entire weaving. I used my fingers when I weaved the crocheted cord and the yarn needle for the yarn. I made 3 pompons to decorate at the end.

I think the best effect for weaving is an interesting branch and the combination of colors.

Driftwood weaving with yarn and crocheted cord

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