Driftwood weaving with yellow and grey yarn

Driftwood weaving with yellow and grey yarn

You will think that I am crazy but I kind of fell in love with weaving, so you will see lots of posts about my projects. This is part of a bigger project that I need a few days to finish. It will be great. At least this is what I am thinking. I will see if you like it.

So far I manage to make the hanging part. It is a tree branch from one of my hikes with my little one. Imagine a few years ago I was carrying branches and stones from the forest for my son’s collection. He was picking them and I was in charge to get them home safe. Since last year, I start looking for interesting driftwood or branches for my projects.

I am still the one bringing them home but now my son helps me find them. He will pick smaller once for his collection.

I think you got used to most of my materials for my weaving, but I will write them down so you have everything here.


-          Driftwood
-          Yellow Yarn
-          Grey yarn
-          Glue
-         Scissors
-          Yarn needle


Clean the driftwood, wash it and then let it dry. I choose only strong driftwood so my projects won’t break.

Improvisation is the key. Since I know this is part of another project, I already choose the colors I will use. For the yellow I used one thread and for the grey 2. After I created a loom with yellow thread, by tying across the width of the “V”, I glued the strings and made sure that they are tight.

This project is so easy for beginners. I just did an over and under wave throughout the loom. I used the yarn needle to do that. I found that is easier than your fingers.

Begin learning how to weave with this easy project. Good luck and enjoy weaving!

Driftwood weaving with yellow and grey yarn

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