Yellow and grey weave with a small branch

I started weaving just a few months ago and I love it. It is a process to learn all the ways to weave, but it is a beautiful process.

Now days, you can find a lot of resources on internet. From blogs to YouTube videos, you can find inspiration and ideas to start learning to weave.

With my husband’s help I made a loom for weaving from 4 pieces of wood and some screws. Most of my weaving will be done on this loom.

Dimension: 20 cm X 55 cm with a 60 cm long stick.. 


-          Homemade loom
-          White cotton for warp
-          Plastic needle
-          Yellow and different types of grey for weft thread
-          Stick or branch for hanging


Start warping the loom with a slip knot on the first screw. Pull your warp thread across your loom to the corresponding warp screw and bring your warp thread over the screw then down around the back.
Pull your warp thread across your loom again. So basically you are always crossing over the loom around the screws.

When you are done make a knot so your warp is tight. Because I just started to weave I am weaving from bottom up.

I started with yellow and with a needle I just did an over and under wave throughout the loom for a few centimeters.

With grey I did the same thing for 1cm on the loom.
With yellow I start weaving but I did a 2 over and 2 under wave this time.

The grey part is another type of weaving when you go over 2 warps in the front and one under in the back. I tried a few times before getting right so don’t despair. Just repeat until you get it right.

At this point I separated the warp. Before starting weaving each part I connected the branch so it stays in the same position. I did that with the help of the warp and I secured it with grey thread.
Each part is done with simple weaving: one over and one under.

I just changed the thread numbers and colors. I used one thread or 2 and different types of grey.
I finished the whole yellow part so it stays better on the wall.

If you got here means you finished your weaving. Now you have to take it from the loom.
Start from the bottom and take them out from the screws. Don’t forget to cut the knots from the beginning. Tie two warps threads together and the weave the ends in through the back of your weave.

Do the same thing for the top one. Take another piece of yellow thread and stitch the weave on your stick. Use the same thread to hang your weave on the wall. Tie this piece of thread securely at both ends of your stick.

I add some yarn on the branch for a nice effect.  

Enjoy weaving!

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