Wall decoration - Circular weaving with grape vines

Wall decoration - Circular weaving with grape vines

I tried circular weaving. When you don’t want to spend money on a wooden or plastic circular loom use what you have around your house. For my first circular weaving I used grape vines.
They are easy to model when they are fresh and after they dry stay strong to support your project.

-          Grape vines
-          Yarn – different colors
-          White thread for the warp
-          Scissors
-          Needle


 I made a circle out of grape vines (D = 23cm). My circle is an actual wreath so it looks bigger and better. When the circle is dry tie your thread around the grape vines. When you are done secure the thread.
I didn’t follow a pattern when I started to weave my yarn. I started with white and then changed it along the way. My white thread is a thin thread, so the middle looks better.
Because my warp wasn’t perfect, I got to make a great pattern. Sometime an imperfect begging can lead to something beautiful.

Have you tried circle weaving or weaving in general? I started to love it. Tell me about your experiences, leave a link to your projects.

Happy weaving!

Wall decoration - Circular weaving with grape vines


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